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Masato Jin ([personal profile] boostup4beetbuster) wrote2015-04-01 02:16 pm

[April Fool's spam]

Like your own Sleeping Beauty? Lonely nerd seeks Prince or Princess Charming.

Talk science with me.

Cannot get it up, or anything else for that matter.

In case of date break glass.
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I don't get it. You can pick stuff up. You picked your worldhop thing up and went to pretty much the entire world scenery book the other day.

[Nobody ever took this idiot aside and explained some things.]

Do you wanna help us steal a UFO?
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So someone else posted on your thing?

That's not a problem, right? It means you can help us. ...How'd you get on one, though?
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Uh... supper. Wait, did aliens kidnap you? Now we really have to steal a UFO!
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How come you can't just disappear and show up someplace better? Where are you? Aside from on a ship.
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That'll take years! Auu... I'm gonna try and find you right now! We have computers, we can totally do that!
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And since we were already gonna steal a UFO anyway, we can do that, then find you, then save you!

We're gonna show up dressed up as pirates, though. It was J's idea.
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We'll be right over! I wonder how fast it can go...
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Okay! See you soon when we rescue you!

[Going off in a disjointed pirate princess costume with armfuls of "supplies". If asked, she'll cheerfully say "we're gonna save Jin from wherever-land in space, see you later".]