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[rl with Marvelous and Kaitou. And an elephant]

[Don't even ASK how Jin managed it, but he'd successfully managed to get an elephant aboard the Gokai Galleon. No, really--don't ask. Apparently it was a "trade secret." But still, he and the elephant were aboard, and now that part 1 of the mission was accomplished, it was onto step 2: taking out his Morphin Blaster and calling up both Kaitou and Marvelous.]

Hey. We've got an elephant in the room we need to talk about.
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Even if the phone hadn't been hint enough, Marvelous could hear the thudding on his ship. Managing to keep his crew at bay, he slinks up to the deck.

"You do realize the point of oneupsmanship means you don't DOWNGRADE, right?"

He doesn't look any less annoyed though.
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The world rippled as Kaitou arrived, pausing to look at the Elephant. "Kuroko Peanut right?" he inquired.

"So what's up?"
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"So...lame wordplay."

Marvelous rolls his eyes and takes a lean on the railing, throwing a salute to Kaitou.

"So...what's so damn explosive?"
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"I'm curious too. Because there's a lot of things that's already gone a lot wrong in my angle," remarked Kaitou with a grunt.

"But please indulge."
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"Anyone that teams up with Zangyack is automatically bad news. So I'm guessing this is worse."
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Kaitou folded his arms. "I'm guessing this is leading to what I'm thinking where it's leading to..."
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"I'm really hoping that's not MY idea."

Ew...bad taste in his mouth SO bad right now.
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"Tsukasa. He always does this sort of thing, even after his stint as Great Leader." Kaitou groaned as he rubbed his forehead. "Tell me he didn't completely fuck everything up."

"... he fucked everything up didn't he?"
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"I'm gonna go ahead and assume it has something to do with 'keeping cover' or some stupid nonsense that I'd only agree to in an emergency..."

He'll look over at Kaitou as if to say 'you'd really do something like that?'
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Kaitou considered it, and admitted, "If I was incredibly betrayed and hurt, yes I would attack everyone."

"But enough of that. What about Big Machine?"
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"Ok...they must've REALLY upgraded the Gigant Horse...cause last time I checked it didn't do that."

And now he's giving Jin the 'you're a MORON' look.
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"...." Kaitou had a speculative look on his face. "You wouldn't have brought up Big Machine if you didn't mean for me, or us, to do something about it, right?"
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"If you're about to propose what I think you are...tell me there's also some kind of remodeling involved to rub it in."

Being a mecha otaku is one thing: if it means doing something to rub salt into Zangyack's wounds is quite another.
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"I'm up for it too, as long as I don't need to change my outfit to do it into Tsukasa's silly jumpsuit," added Kaitou.