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Masato Jin ([personal profile] boostup4beetbuster) wrote2013-11-01 11:50 am
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[video--bad ideas]

[Jin sits in front of the camera, looking shell-shocked.]

I just spent all weekend watching a review series online, and it turns out that weird poem I kept getting in my search results is actually from that show, where they deal with the glitch, and...

[Somebody scared himself.]

So I decided to give up the game for right now. Or at least, give up looking for the glitch. Not because I think I'll accidentally release an Outer God or anything, but...better to play it safe, you know?
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Glitch? You mean that missingno glitch you were looking for previously?
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I seriously doubt that finding a glitch would screw over the world that badly, would it?
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All right, sounds like a plan. I'll watch it later this week.
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Oooh yeah good point. That's something to think about.

History of... ooh is that like a sentai history thing?
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I should look into this. It might give me an idea of what people are talking about sometimes on forums.
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Yeah, well everyone's entitled to their own viewpoint. You said it was history of the Power Rangers, not the Super Sentai. So I guess it would make sense to focus directly on that.
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He probably would do it without even be prompted to do so.
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There is that too. Cool theme songs are always bribe-worthy.
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Yeah I have. Here, lemme get you a link for it.

It's really upbeat for a theme song.
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Awesome. I think we have two as well, but one is an "unlimited" version with different lyrics in certain parts of it.
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Aww it doesn't? Sucks.
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Yeah seems like there's a few from my world, including my Image song as well.
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It's very upbeat. I like it.
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Very! It's a good song and I really like it.
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A glitch? Outer God?

[ Yuri doesn't seem to be in her usual spirits, but she's totally taking this chance to talk about anything. ]

Just what are you watching?
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It must've come out recently, I've never heard of it. How's it scary?
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I think I missed something in this overview.
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[ She's just getting more confused by this. ]
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I'll trust you then. No internet in the afterlife or Rokkenjima except for the community.