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Success! [or not]

[Hope no one gets motion sickness easily, because the camera trained on Jin is wobbling fiercely. That would be because he's sitting on J's shoulders.]

Ha! Figured out how to stop J from popping up on me--J, stop moving so much! I'd like to see him block me when I'm sitting on him!

...J, don't. No, stand still. I'm gonna...

[And he falls. So does the camera, and it cuts off.]

[OOC: Permission obtained.]
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I am Beet J Stag, and I am not a chair!
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[Kicked into a wall!]

I am like this because I am awesome. [Where did he learn that term?]
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Jin has some hand in making me awesome.
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[Augh, flail! Tap out. Die.]
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How long did you have that stored up for?
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I am aware of this.
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Roger. To the flower shop.
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Roger. [Bridal carry go! How's the dignity, Jin?]
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[Point taken. ONWARD!]
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[well that was different.]

Um... is everything alright there?
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By... falling over?
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Oh, that makes a little more sense. [Only a little. But she'll take any bit of sense she can get.]</small I... don't really get how that means you 'win', but... congratulations?
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...that's a good point. I guess I'll just go with it then. [Just don't question anything, Setsuna. It's not worth it.]
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Flowers are probably a good choice, since most people like them. I'm sure she'll appreciate it.