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Player nickname: Akino
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Email: brittany [dot] akinoame [at] gmail [dot] com
AIM: Canta Akino
Are you at least 15?: Y
Current Characters: Aqua (Kingdom Hearts), Kendrix Morgan (Power Rangers), Miharu Minato (Kamen Rider OOO), Ren Akiyama (Kamen Rider Ryuki)

Character: Masato Jin (Beet Buster)
Fandom: Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters
In the world of Go-Busters, a clean energy source called Enetron has become ubiquitous across Japan. Researchers at the Energy Management Center used it to create such machines as Megazords to harvest it, as well as Buddyroids, human-sized robots, to assist humans. They also perfected "transportation," a teleportation system that could only work on nonliving things. Then on Christmas, a devastating computer virus known as Messiah infected their computers. The scientists and engineers had to make a tough call, particularly because there were three children there: seven-year-old Hiromu Sakurada, three-year-old Yoko Usami, and fifteen-year-old Ryuji Iwasaki, all of whom had come to celebrate with family and friends. Hiromu's father was the head researcher at the Energy Management Center and decided that in order to save the children, he would install a computer "vaccine" program into them, in tune with the Buddyroids Cheeda Nick, Usada Lettuce, and Gorisaki Banana, that would allow them to fight Messiah. It would also help them survive the transportation process, as Sakurada decided to transport the entire facility into Hyperspace, a sub-dimension where humans were believed unable to survive. The children were transported back to Earth and vowed to fight Messiah if he ever returned, and to bring back their parents alive.

Masato Jin was an engineer in the facility, separated from the others during the attack and completely unaware of what was happening until the transport happened. Everything within the facility was turned into data to carry out the transport. But in the middle of the process, something went wrong, and a portion of his data went missing. Fortunately, he was a genius.

As of the time of this writing, Go-Busters hasn't finished airing, and the team-up movie with the previous year's Sentai, Go-Busters VS. Gokaiger, is in theaters and isn't anywhere near ready to be subbed. But as time goes on, I'll catch up to that part of the canon.

Jin is, in his own words, a genius. He's got a good-sized ego—though not nearly as large as his Buddyroid, J's, is—and gleefully points out that he is all-around awesome. The man is twenty-seven years old physically and forty chronologically, but he's completely a kid at heart. "Eccentric" doesn't even begin to describe him. The best word to describe him is "irrepressible." He jokes around all the time and hardly ever seems to take things seriously. It drives everyone around him insane—particularly his closest friends, Commander Kuroki (whom he nicknamed "Kurorin" since their schooldays) and Blue Buster Ryuji Iwasaki—but he gets away with it because he's brilliant at what he does. The man knows his way around Megazords/Buster Machines and Buddyroids like no one else and even designed several himself, including J and their personal zords, BC-04 and SJ-05, which turn into the Megazord Buster Hercules while also being fully compatible with all other Buster Machines. He also managed to decipher the Buddyzord Tategami Li-Oh, a hybrid Buddyroid and Megazord created by his old professor, the even more eccentric Prof. Hazuki, and its control system/weapon, the Lio Attaché. In fact, you could say that engineering is the one thing he's serious about. But the thing about him is that as an engineer, he's not looking to create something perfect. He thinks perfection is boring. He finds flaws to be quirky, giving something personality. Hence the egotistical J and Enetan (another Buddyroid he personally created), the horrible navigator Cheeda Nick, the mother hen Gorisaki Banana, and the snarky Usada Lettuce. And even his own personality—what's the point of being a genius if you're a stuffy old man?

But Jin's "flaw" of eccentricity becomes much, much more pronounced when something's bothering him. To the point that he will just start goofing off with a kindergarten class and drag the team leader Hiromu into the game, taunting him for not being fun. He was even harsh on the team when he first arrived, and even stole a supply of Enetron to transport with him. This is because of one of his deepest secrets: that all of the people transported into Hyperspace (including partially him) had been converted into data and incorporated into Messiah. It was only the flawed transport that kept his mind separate—most of his data is stored inside Messiah, later on a single one of the Messiah cards, now held by Enter. He managed to get in contact with his friends from the facility, and he knew that the only way to defeat Messiah was to sacrifice their lives and any chance of restoring himself. It's why he was hard on all of them, particularly Hiromu, at first: he needed to prepare them for that horrible inevitability. And when they did defeat Messiah the first time and lost everyone else, he upped his childish behavior to avoid the pain of grief. One of the only times he was ever serious was when J apparently betrayed the team and protected a Messiahroid, though when he confronted his Buddyroid on it, J explained that it had Jin's data and he didn't want Jin to give up on restoring himself. Naturally, this ended in Jin kicking him and tackling him, screaming that it was a stupid plan to save Jin by trying to kill him.

Other: Though his given name is Masato, he's referred to as "Jin" by everybody. Also, as stated in the history, he's also an avatar projected by his Buddyroid, J. Cool, huh? Except that if his avatar takes too much damage, the feedback breaks apart his body more and more into data, which could eventually kill him. He's also fond of swearing in English, saying "shit" a couple of times in-canon. Also, there is a non-canonical DVD special where Enter infects J with a virus and steals Jin's Morphin Blaster, only for a last minute save by Space Sheriff Gavan (whom the Go-Busters would later meet. Well, they met his successor, Gavan Type-G). This might get adapted into the game somehow, leaving Gavan out.

With the Morphin Blaster and J, Jin is able to transform (or "morph," given the use of "It's morphin' time" from Power Rangers) into Beet Buster. When this happens, portions of J's body are stripped off, becoming Jin's suit. This is, in a way, the predecessor to the other three's Powered Custom, but Jin doesn't have one. His weapon is the Driveblade, which is transported directly to him with the Transpod, which acts as a marker. He can also use the Li-Oh Attaché after the team obtains it. He pilots BC-04, which can combine to form a whole lot of Megazords.

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First Person: (Q&A)

1. Do you have a motto? If so, why would you consider that to be your motto? If not, is there a reason that you don't have one? What is it?
Y'know, "Busters, ready? Go!" is actually kind of catchy. Short, sweet, to the point, perfect for when we're running into battle, and it doesn't specify anything we need to do. Nice and all-purpose. Might use that next time I'm on a date.

Oh, for me? Well, much as I was going on about how perfect that saying was, I guess mine is "To hell with perfection." Give me flaws. Give me quirks. Give me something interesting to work with. Geez, you know how boring it is working with something you don't need to fine-tune? Or worse, if my Buddyroid was a perfect little automaton who knew exactly what to do in any situation, respected our space, and didn't do anything fun once in a while? C'mon, admit it—you like when he stumbles around begging for Enetron or goes on about bugs.

Kinda wish he'd stop covering me all the time, though.

2. What do you think is your greatest strength and why? What do you think is your greatest weakness and why?
You're looking at a bona fide genius here. Who created J and Enetan? Who worked out Tategami Li-Oh and figured out all of the Li-Oh Attaché's functions? Who looks great in a white leather jacket and gold necklace? This guy.

And because everyone here will kill me if I don't say it, my weakness is the fact that I'm too flippant. Though I want to argue in my favor that I do know how to take stuff seriously. I just don't want to most of the time. Seriously, look at Kurorin and Ryuji—they're making themselves old stressing out all the time.

3. You just caught your best friend making out with the senpai you really want to notice you! What's your response?
[melodramatic gasp] Kurorin! How could you? You know I've been trying to get the courage to ask out Ryuji-sempai! After all we've been through, how could you betray me like that?

...No, wait. I'm Ryuji's sempai. Forgot, what with him calling me "Sempai" all the time. Guess it doesn't apply then.

4. You're at the scene of a robbery, but you manage to get the upper hand; you're holding the gun. The robber is at your mercy. What do you do?
Before Ryuji loses his cool, I'm not going to shoot the guy. Can't promise I won't kick him in the head, though.

Then, depending on if the loot is Enetron and if I'm running low on it, I might just take my cut and go home. To Hyperspace. You know what I mean.

5. You have tickets to your favorite band's concert tonight, but your best friend asks you for an urgent favor that would make you miss it. Which one do you choose and why?
Depends on the friend and the favor. If it's, say, Kurorin or any of the others who need me to fight off a Metaroid, that takes priority. Or if it's Nakamura or Morishita who needs help with something, I'll see what I can do. They're good kids, and we wouldn't be able to do half of our job if not for them. I owe them that much.

If it's J and he wants me to go chasing bugs, I'm sticking Yoko-chan on him. I'll just tape a picture of a chicken to Hiromu's face and kidnap him to the concert instead.

6. Do you believe in fate? Why or why not?
Eh, not too worried about things like that. Besides, we can only say something's fated after the fact, right? That implies that it's perfect from start to finish, and you know how I feel about that.

Then again, that would make a good song. Our destiny's been set ever since that day, but we won't run from it, because we know we'll never give in. Kinda catchy.

7. One of your greatest secrets has just been exposed to the people close to you. What do you do?
That actually happened. I owned up to it, I told the others to keep fighting and worry more about stopping Messiah than saving me, and I tackled J for being an idiot and risking everyone for me.

8. Summer and winter are the most popular seasons, but what about spring and autumn? Which do you prefer and what is your favorite activity to do during that season?
Spring's nice, with hanami and all. Back when I was in school, Kurorin and I'd bring a bottle of sake to drink under the cherry trees, and we'd finish the whole thing and slog through classes the next day.

Though one year, before Messiah, a whole group of us from the Energy Management Center went. Ryuji and Yoko-chan joined us, though Yoko-chan was just a baby, so she wouldn't remember it. True, not as memorable as the times Kurorin and I drunkenly sang enka at the top of our lungs, but it was still nice.

9. Do you have any dreams or ambitions? How do you intend to achieve them?
Definitely more of an ambition, but I'm going to get the rest of my data and get the hell out of Hyperspace. I'm a little fuzzier on the how, though. I'll think of something.

10. If you were to die right now, what would you have to say about your life? What have you achieved? Would you be content?
Geez, you're going all existential on me. You really want to cover that topic?

...You do, don't you? Shit. All right, fine. This is me being serious for once. No, I wouldn't be content. I mean, why would I be? Yeah, the kids are doing good, and I'm sure they've got what it takes to bring down Messiah, but...I just want a chance to see the sun. Grab a beer with Kurorin. Grab one with Ryuji, now that he's old enough. Get a bucket of fried chicken with Hiromu and see if it'll make him freeze up. Ruffle up Yoko-chan's hair because she's so much like her mom, and if things hadn't gone down the way they did, maybe I would have been her stepdad. Or given how my relationship with Usami-san was going, her uncle.

Yeah, I can do all that with my avatar, but it's not the same. Feedback only goes so far. Last week, I lost all feeling in my legs. My body's breaking down into data. I'm going to have to be more careful with battles and everything. Which means letting everyone else take more hits. Seriously, think about that for a moment: Having to hold back and let your teammates get hurt because you don't want to die. I feel like a louse saying that.

I'm the last one of the original team sent to Hyperspace. The Sakuradas, Usami-san, everyone—they're dead. Gone. Ended. Hiromu's an orphan and Yoko-chan lost her mom. The only reason I'm alive is because of a flaw—how crazy is that? And even then, I'm stuck unless we recover the rest of my data, which we might have to destroy to destroy Messiah.

Geez, now you're depressing me. Look, I've got no plans on dying any time soon. I'm going to get my data back, I'm getting back home, and I'm going to find someone to recreate the clothes my avatar's wearing because I'm damn good at designing and I really outdid myself there. Can't say now if I'd be content if I died after all that, but it's a hell of a better thought than what I've got now.

Third Person:

Jin sighed. "One of these days, I really want to know where Enter gets all these Buglars. J!"

The two pulled their Morphin Blasters, which called out, [It's morphin' time!]

"Let's morphin'!" Jin shouted at the same time as J.

The instant he morphed into Beet Buster, Jin tore into the Buglars. To be perfectly honest, he preferred these guys to the Metaroids. Yeah, huge swarms of them were annoying, but at least it was less of a mess to clean up than the big guns. Plus, he could afford to go wild on them, whacking them across the head and outright jumping on them.

"Gotta wonder though," he admitted. "Where's Enter? Normally, he's clo—" A pair of cables lashed across his back. Underneath the helmet, he winced. That was enough that his real body had felt it. He was going to have to rest for a bit after to keep his data from fragmenting more. "Never mind, think I found him."

And he really hated Enter. There was only room for one foreign-language-spouting, good-looking, irrepressible avatar, and unfortunately, Enter felt the same way. It didn't help that they both looked good in gold. And really, it just wasn't fair. No matter how many times Jin destroyed Enter, he could always create a new avatar and never had to worry about his body because he had none—he was just part of Messiah. Jin always had to worry about the state of his body, and all those moments when J decided that he was going to be a mother hen.

"Let's just get this over with," Jin groaned. "Suddenly, my day's going downhill." He needed to cheer himself up after this. Maybe siccing a live chicken on base, just to make Hiromu freeze. Nah, he'd done enough things like that already. Well, J was getting a little friendly with Yoko-chan—maybe just hinting that to the overprotective Ryuji and Kurorin?