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Masato Jin ([personal profile] boostup4beetbuster) wrote2013-11-01 11:42 am
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AC: January 2014

IC Diary, November 1: 18 comments [Hibiki, Yurippe]
Makoto Sawatari, November 4: 18 comments
IC Diary, November 13: 20+ comments [Hibiki, Marvelous, Makoto]
Jack Simon/November 11, November 19: 4 comments
Thanksgiving Event
--Nami: 4 comments
Post [aftermath], November 30: 20+ comments [J, Ellen, Makoto, Marvelous]
Post [teleportation program], December 8: 11 comments [Yurippe, Kirby, Mir]
Yayoi Kise, December 11: 10 comments
Post, December 16: 19 comments [Kaitou, Leila, Suguha]
Post, December 24: 3 comments [Makoto]

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