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Masato Jin ([personal profile] boostup4beetbuster) wrote2013-06-08 09:54 pm

[to Yurippe]

Hey, Yurippe-chan. Think I finally got that program done. It's a little rough, but I think it'll work.
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Great. We're still working on getting the actual headset, but can I see it?
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You don't worry about actually going in. I'm only going in because I'm already dead.
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Preferably someone who isn't inside the program with me.
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Shut down the system completely, I'll get brain fried and I'll regenerate. I've got a backdoor too.
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I don't have any money either, but it'll probably be you since I have to actually get essentially "killed", then my body has to repair the different parts up to full function before I can even wake up.
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I'd still rather have you in a safe place that's going to be able to keep me from getting stuck.
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Right right. So when do you want me to come over? I've got my own worldhop.
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You have alarms?
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That last one is the only one that requires an alarm. Get your own coffee machine if you want to experiment!
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I guess I can't say anything, I've got an endless supply of canned coffee.
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I'm dead, I wouldn't call it a great deal.
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It's good, but it's not that good.
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In fact, since you know me, I can probably just get you some it's not like I'm limited to it since I got ahold of a worldhop.
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One can of Key Coffee with your name on it, then.