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Masato Jin ([personal profile] boostup4beetbuster) wrote2013-05-17 08:43 pm
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Ramblings [voice/text only]

Yo! Your favorite genius engineer broadcasting live--well, mostly--from Hyperspace. Don't worry about anything--I only switched off the avatar to relax a bit.

So Yoko-chan's birthday party was today. Damn, what a day. The usual Metaroid problems, but it came down to just the two of us when everybody else got stuck together. J and Ryuji were hilarious, for one.

...Yoko's grown up to be a lot like her mom. I mean, yeah, duh, but she never really got to know her mom and all, so it's weird. Though Kurorin might've told her all about it. Think the EMC raised her, what with her mom being a single mom and all...

...Gah, still all distracted and crap. Look at me, I'm turning into a total sap today. Been like this all day. Just...whenever I looked at her, I saw her mom instead. And it's weird thinking of the little girl I used to know growing up into a strong, capable young woman just like her mom...a lot I missed out on the past 13 years.

Okay, need to get out of this funk. Anyone got anything entertaining? Not too mentally taxing, though--I took a beating in the fight and I do need to rest.

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